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Take care that your style of life is also transformed to the storage of your cigars and stop making compromises! Zigarren -!- BelEtage systems are undoubtably perfect for the single storage on each room level in the humidor and fullfill without exception all required  margins.


"With the oxidation storage the air circulation in the humidor plays the most important role.   ... A simple rule is working here: the less air the lower the process of oxidation. If there are only two to three cigars in a big humidor and thus a lot of air in the case,an oxidation storage takes place."


Quelle: Willy Alvero ( Generalvertreter von Habanos S.A. in Russland ) in cigarclan No.4 2006

But who wants to store more than three cigars in his humidor and wants to use the single storage as the real solution of optimized developing of aroma on every room level in the humidor, is offered by Zigarren -!- BelEtage the worldwide only system that ensures the barrier-free, equal circulation of humidity around every single cigar.


A system of Zigarren -!- BelEtage consists of two Zigarren -!- BelEtages (the walls), an upper handhold stickand two lower connecting sticks and an aroma protecting shieldThe system is offered as a pluggingsystem. Due to the various lengths of the upper handhold sticksand the two lower connecting sticks you have the possibility to adjust the system individually to the cigars to store and to the humidor. Thus you can also combine several system variations and sizes in your humidor.


Outstanding is also the noble and practical choice of the material. The parts of the system are of high class acrylic glass and are separately cut by laser like polished and engraved. Fitting to the humidor they are produced in a noble optic and complete its function perfectly. The systems are offered in different sizes! The BelEtage system parts are individually produced only on your order and our confirmation.

Your Zigarren -!- BelEtage Team