The knowledge

The cigars open their full aroma in an environment of relative humidity of about 73%. Water makes this unfolding of aroma possible and there is quite a bit of it. With a relative balance of humidity and the cigar of approx. 73%, the water content within the cigar is 16% of its weight. At an assumed weight of the cigar of approx. 11 g the water content is already approx. 1,6 g. Is the cigar stored for a longer period at approx 51% humidity, already 0,51 g of water are missing for the perfect unfolding of aroma. When stored 50 cigars under these conditions in the humidor than this difference is already added to 25,5 g of water which has to be balanced from the surrounding air.

Furthermore please bear in mind that also the wood of the humidor stores water and contributes to the climate. But this evaporates mostly because of a too dry environment outside the humidor and has to be balanced also. Please look after the constant aspired ideal of aroma unfolding of approx 73% humidity inside the humidor. Zigarren -!- BelEtage has made very good experience when properly applied with acrylpolymer humidifiers. With this within a few days the ideal balance can be reached. However, a control of the climate is recommended!

Your Zigarren -!- BelEtage Team