The Set

The Zigarren -!- BelEtage Set is produced of high-quality and noble materials. It consists of two equal Zigarren -!- BelEtages, an upper handhold stick and two lower connecting sticks. The connecting sticks also serve as distance holder of the system to the inner wall of the humidor and help you optically in order to avoid contact between the stored cigars and the wall of the humidor. The BelEtage -!- Small as well as the BelEtage -!- Sweet can be ordered with an additional aroma protecting shield .

The Sizes

The set consists of two BelEtages, a handhold stick, two connecting sticks and in part of a aroma protecting shield. The external dimension of a Zigarren -!- BelEtage is in its middle height always 100 mm and at the sides maximum 80 mm. Three possibilities are offered for the length. These are 275 mm, 185 mm and 95 mm. The depth is 4 mm. The upper profile offers you the first barrier free storage level.
The internal dimensions of the Zigarren -!- BelEtage are defined by the respective diameter of the upper handhold stick and the two lower connecting sticks of 8 mm as well as by the choosen dimensions of the rhomb of 14, 16, 18, 20 und 22 mm.
The handhold stick is available in the lenghts of 62,5 mm and 125 mm. The two lower connecting sticks are available in the dimensions of 185 mm and 195 mm.
The additional aroma protecting shield is available in the models Small and Sweet. These are compact and of the same dimensions as the choosen Zigarren -!- BelEtage. They are only defined by the three open lasered points for the upper handhold stick and the two lower connecting sticks.

Advice / Information / instruction - user

Please take the exact internal measurements of your humidor. At the inner height please remind the humidifying element, which often is wrongly placed in the lid. The humidity rises and therefore physically seen it makes sense to place the humidifying element not in the lid! Please inform yourself of the exact diameter of your cigars to store. When measuring the diameter of the cigars please remind the difference in diameter which can be caused by the abdominal belt. Also the difference between the diameter of the cigar and that of the rhomb of the BelEtage should not be too small. To be completely on the safe side please choose the next bigger rhomb size than that non-bindingly recommended on our homepage.

Your Zigarren -!- BelEtage Team