The recommended construction

1. Take one of the long connecting sticks and put it with a continuous turn-push movement in one of the half-open holes at the lower angles of the BelEtage. Repeat this procedure with the second BelEtage and optionally also with the aroma protecting shield on the same connecting stick.

2. Now put the second connecting stick with the same continuous turn-push movement in the above mentioned order into the lower holes on the other side of the BelEtage. Please continuously adjust the two BelEtages parallely to each other.

3. Now fix the upper handhold stick also with a turn-push movement into the holes running on the top of the two BelEtages.

4. Finally adjust the choosen Zigarren -!- BelEtage set and fill it with your cigars.

Your Zigarren -!- BelEtage Team