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US Magazin Cigar Aficionado present Zigarren -!- BelEtage Systems first time in the USA

Ever reached Ever reached into your humidor for a cigar, only to find slight cracking on the wrapper, or worse, it has taken on the flavor of the cigar next to it?
A new product from a German company called the Zigarren -!- BelEtage Cigar System may solve both problems. Made of high acrylic glass, the unit comes in various sizes to accommodate different sized humidors and ring gauges. The idea behind the design is that the interlocking rows allow single cigars to “float” inside of the humidor, allowing air to circulate around each stogie. The company claims this will allow the aromas of a cigar to optimally unfold. The units available at the companies Web site,, cost between $48 - $75. One can buy a single unit for the whole humidor, or mix and match smaller units in order to account for larger and smaller ring gauge cigars.

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and for an up-to-date cigar-comfort

The new system makes it possible to store the cigars so individually that the number of contact points of the single cigars are reduced to a minimum. The cigars don’t touch each other anymore.
And thus there is also no contact heat between them and the so called accumulated contact humidity dissolves in the humidity circulation. The Zigarren -!- BelEtage systems support the distribution of humidity and its circulation around each single cigar on every room level in the humidor.

It perfects the optimal storage conditions for the best possible unfolding of aroma of every single cigar. The world novelty makes it possible for the cigars to “hover barrier-free”. Even with aeration of the humidor a more efficient exchange of air around each cigar can be notified. You simply take out of the humidor the whole system filled with cigars and then the new air can nestle around each single cigar. A further real advantage of the system is that you can take out the single cigars of the system, doesn’t matter at which room level of the humidor, without touching the others. Every cigar can be stored at the perfect storage level.

At least: take the exact internal measurements of your personal humidor (at the inner height think of the humidifying element, which often is wrongly placed in the cask cover.) And please note the diameter of the cigars to store. When measuring the diameter of the cigars please remind the difference in diameter which can be caused by the abdominal fascia. Also the difference between the diameter of the cigar and that of the rhomb of the BelEtage should not be too small. To be completely on the safe side please choose the next bigger rhomb measure than that non-bindingly recommended on our homepage. More facts you can find on our website and read them quietly.

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A completely new class of climate for cigars - made in Germany


A system of Zigarren -!- BelEtage consists of two Zigarren -!- BelEtage  (the walls), an upper handhold stick and two lower connecting sticks and an aroma protecting shield. The system is offered as a plugging system. Because of the various lengths of the upper handhold stick and the two lower connecting sticks you have the possibility to adjust the system individually to the cigars to store and to the humidor. Thus you can also combine several system variations and sizes in your humidor. 

Outstanding is also the noble and practical choice of the material. The parts of the system are of high class acrylic glass and are separately cut by laser like polished and engraved. Fitting to the humidor they are produced in a noble optic and complete its function perfectly. The innovative Zigarren -!- BelEtage  variations are available for you in the online-shop and also in selected cigar stores. The BelEtage system parts are individually produced only after your order and our confirmation.

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Looking Good for Cigars

The new Beletage storage system is based on the principle that storing cigars individually provides the best possible circulation of humidity. Each system unit comprises a handle, two connected lattices and a partition to seal the aroma. It is made from perspex, cut by lasers, then polished and engraved. The system comes in different sizes and for rin gauges.The new Beletage storage system is based on the principle that storing cigars individually provides the best possible circulation of humidity. Each system unit comprises a handle, two connected lattices and a partition to seal the aroma. It is made from perspex, cut by lasers, then polished and engraved. The system comes in different sizes and for rin gauges.

 Care, too, has been taken to ensure that the cigar layout looks good: You simply lift out the BelEtage and select the appropriate cigar – without having to handle all the other cigars to get to it. A tip: Before you buy a Beletage for your cigars make sure you note the inside measurements of your humidor and bear in mind the space needed for your humidifier! The systems are obtainable from  (kt)






smokersnews, 03.12.2007

Noble store place for noble tobacco

Who doesn’t know this situation. After finishing work or at the weekend you want to enjoy a noble cigar and at taking it from the humidor you realize that the one or the other of your favourite cigars suffered already. Light signs of pressure on the wrapper, slight cracks caused through moving, especially at the once at the bottom of the humidor, are signs of suffering of the cigars, much more than wanted. It’s interesting that especially connoisseurs spend a fortune for the storage of good wines. But the noble expensive cigars, that should be the crowning of the wine pleasure, they are stored one on top of the other. And then you are astonished in what condition are the brown favourites when you want to light one after a few weeks of storage.

The young Hamburg company Zigarren -!- BelEtage  finished with this drama by developing a completely new and even simple system. It’s Zigarren -!- BelEtage´s concept to make sure that the way of life is transferred to the storage of cigars and that you don’t need to make compromises anymore. According to numerous cigar-experts and connoisseurs this new system offers doubtlessly the best possible of the perfect single storage on every room level in the humidor in the private segment.

The owner and creator of Zigarren -!- BelEtage , Ralf Drescher, himself a passionate cigar appreciator, states: With the single storage the air circulation in the humidor is the most important factor. It’s a simple rule: the less air the less the unfolding of aroma. If there are only two to three cigars in a big humidor and thus a lot of air in the case, an optimized unfolding of aroma takes place. But who wants to store more than three cigars in his humidor and wants to use the single storage as the real solution of optimized developing of aroma on every room level in the humidor, is offered by Zigarren -!- BelEtage  the worldwide only system that ensures the barrier-free, equal circulation of humidity around every single cigar. Who nowadays buys a good handmade cigar for no cheap money in a specialized shop wants to store his cigar-treasure as good as his good red wines.